Wednesday, March 14, 2023

It is 42 degrees in Lakewood at 5:30pm. The 5-8 inches of good grooming snow we received on Sunday thru Monday really made our trails nice, and the groomers have been out to keep them that way up. You would not think that you were riding in mid-March. The cold temperatures at night have helped, as well. However, any areas exposed to the direct angle of the sun continues to disappear again more quickly. The NST (Grade) is slowly deteriorating again, especially north of town. The same applies to the trails along the roads. Regardless, we rate our trails to be Fair to Very Good. There is some rain in the forecast over the next day or so, but then the forecast is for some more snow in the 1-3 inch range.  Come on up for some good riding before Mother Nature changes her mind.