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Join Paul Bunyan Riders

There are several ways to join the Paul Bunyan Riders Club. The first is for regular memberships. You can print out and mail in the form below. The next option is the business booster membership. Again you can print out and mail in the form be low. The third option is using our on-line membership form. That is below as well. Club Membership year is July 1 to June 30.

Please Respect Private Property. It is a privilege, not a right to cross landowners' properties. Please stay on the marked snowmobile trails & off the ski trails at all times.

On-Line Membership Application via PayPal

Notice- We charge an extra $1.75 for on-line membership applications to defray our PayPal expenses.

Single Membership: $26.75 (includes membership to AWSC* (see below) & 1 adult vote at annual meeting)

Family Membership: $36.75 (Includes Spouse and all Children under 19, Family Membership to AWSC* (see below), & 2 adult votes at annual meeting).

Secondary Membership: $16.75 (If you belong to another club that has paid your AWSC dues for this year)

Gold Membership: $51.75 & up (Includes Spouse and all Children under 19, Family Membership to AWSC*, 2 adult votes at annual meeting, plus additional funding for equipment & trail maintenance.)

Any additional donations for building, grooming, and equipment is GREATLY appreciated.

When you hit the Submit button it will take you to PayPal. You must complete the PayPal process or we can not process your membership.

Meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of the month, October thru March, at a local business sponsors. Time of meeting is 7 pm. Please support the area businesses that support snowmobiling.

Please remember!!! Your trail system is as good as the time & effort you put into it. Do not expect a few people to do the work that benefits all. As a snowmobile club with over 200 members, we need VOLUNTEERS to maintain our trails, work our fundraisers, and keep our equipment in top condition.

*The $12.00 from the membership fee that we send to the AWSC – Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs, is to renew your yearly membership which entitles you to apply to the AWSC for the $10 discounted trail passes for your DNR registered snowmobiles. It also includes 7 Issues of the Wisconsin Snowmobile News magazine and a A. D.& D. insurance policy. The AWSC is your voice for both State and National Snowmobile issues.