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Meeting Minutes

December 2023 Meeting Minutes

Call meeting to order: 7:08pm
Roll Call: Dan, Jim, Robby, Amy, Julie, Dennis, Bob G, Tyler, Laurie, Dean, Toby, Bob P. ThirtyNine members in attendance.

Previous Minutes: November Membership Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve Kevin Clarksen, seconded by Tony Sutrick.

Treasurer’s Report November 2023 Financial Report Julie reviewed the November Financial report. Motion to approve Jim Juran, seconded by Robby Juran.

Line of Credit at Laona State Bank was renewed.

Membership Secretary’s Report (Robby): We currently have 406 members with 125 being Gold Members (gave more than $50 additional money with their membership), 42 business boosters, and 42 new members this yearMotion to approve Diane Fitzpatrick, seconded by Laurie Asher.

Administrative Secretary’s Report (Amy):

Poker Run Books are available at 35 local establishments
Snow Fun Day planning update We have collected about 20 basket/bucket raffle items! Thanks to
everyone that has donated. Please contact us ( if you can donate anything,
we’ll package it up with other items. Volunteer update Laurie Asher is coordinating the volunteers for
Snow Fun Day; two shifts 2pm to 4:30pm and 4:30 to 7pm. If you want to help, please contact us.

Membership Event Calendar Key dates: Next Membership Meeting Tuesday, Jan 9th at O’Neil’s Halfway
Bar Annual Food DrivePLEASE bring food to support our local Christian Food Pantry in Lakewood. MARK
YOUR CALENDARS! Items in need are: canned fruit, beef stew, corned beef hash, cereal, Old Orchard juice,
yet anything food is appreciated to help support our community.

Motion to approve, Julie Pommering, seconded by Joanne Sutrick.

Trail Report: (Bob P.)

Trails are in good shape with just a bit more work on a couple of them.
Equipment Bob listed the Tucker for sale for $145,000 and had 3 or 4 people inquiry but no buyers yet.
Old Business:
The $100 PBR Raffle Ticket is available; 100 tickets have been sold out of 225! Get yours today, contact us
and we’ll get them mailed out to you or stop by some local businesses to purchase.

Update on $10 PBR Raffle Tickets Sent in the mail in November with great response. Keep them coming
in, and if more are needed, the local businesses are selling them too or contact us and we will mail them
out to you.
New Business:
Recommendation to move the March Membership Meeting (Election Meeting) to Saturday, March 9,
2024, to provide for more members to participate in the election process.

Update on the culverts at Locators 675 & 677 Completed.

Laurie Asher and Robby Juran have completed getting new styles of clothing available. Email was sent out
to the membership and actively taking orders!

Next Membership Meeting: Tuesday, January 9th, 7pm, at O’Neil’s Halfway Bar.

Thank you to Mulligan’s Sports Bar (Pam and Don) for hosting the PBR Membership meeting and for
providing great food!

Door Prize(s) Won by Amy Klapper

5050 Raffle $110 won by Dennis Pommering

Motion to Adjourn at 7:23, by Amy Klapper, seconded by Al Luedtke

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