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Meeting Minutes

January 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for Jan. 10, 2023 Membership Meeting @ 7:00PM
Meeting Place: Waubee Lake Lodge
Call meeting to order:   7:02pm

Roll Call: Dennis, Jim J, Robby, Amy, Julie, Bob G, Tyler, Dean, Toby, Bob P. Absent: Jim W.

Previous Minutes: December 13, 2022 Membership Meeting Minutes. Motion to approve – Jim Juran, seconded by Dean Martin.

Treasurer’s Report: December 2022 Financial Report (Julie)

Julie reviewed the December 2022 financial report including the large payment from the County and preparing for the Snow Fun Day Raffle/Poker Run payouts. Motion to approve-Bob Goble, seconded by Toby Warden.

Membership Secretary’s Report (Robby):

We have 90 new members so far this season for a total of 435 members! 62 are Gold members (donated $50 or more with their registration-THANK YOU!) along with one new Business Booster (total 47).   Motion to approve- Diane Fitzpatrick, seconded by Brian Fitzpatrick.

Administrative Secretary’s Report (Amy):

  • THANK YOU to everyone that brought food donations for the Christian Food Pantry which supports our local communities. It was much appreciated!!
  • Snow Fun Day – our key fundraiser to be held Saturday, January 28, 2023 from 2pm to 7pm. Mark your calendars, and invite family and friends!
    • $10 Raffle Tickets – Get your tickets today at many local establishments. All CASH prizes totaling $2,900!
    • Basket Raffles – We currently have 23 basket raffle items (hand-made signs, table, and wood crafted gnome, wreath, and a whole variety of other items). We have exceeded the goal of 12-15 items, thanks to everyone for their generosity to Snow Fun Day.
    • Spin Wheel – We are working on filling about 60 spins (240 items) including meat, liquor or gift certificates. Anything you wish to donate, contact us. Spin Tickets will be $2 a piece, and we will have four winners per ticket, increasing your chances to win a prize!
    • $100 Raffle Tickets are sold out! – Grand prize is $5,000 CASH with 24 other cash prizes. The drawing will be announced starting at 7pm. (need not be present to win, we’ll call you).
    • Volunteers – Diane Fitzpatrick is coordinating our volunteers for Snow Fun Day. Volunteers will be working in two shifts; 2pm-4:30pm and 4:30-7pm. If you can help out, let Diane know (715-340-8824).
    • Advertising/Communication – Tyler and Amy reported that Posters have been put up around the community and banners have been hung all around town.  We’ll advertise in the local papers, the Wisconsin Snowmobile News Magazine, our website and Facebook (an invite was created, please feel free to share).

Motion to approve-Patty Martin, seconded by Diane Fitzpatrick.

Trail Report: (Bob P.)

  •  Although Oconto County opened the trails as of Wednesday, January 11th, we are still getting some warmer weather and rain/mist. There is not much snow out there to groom.  We need snow!

Motion to approve-Julie Pommering, seconded by Tyler Hundt.

Old Business: (Dennis)

  • 2022/2023 Oconto County Snowmobile Maps now available. (We have also posted it on our website. Click on the Menu Button, and Scroll Down and Click on “Trail Maps”. Both the Northern and Southern Trail maps are available to “Save” on your device (Computers, cell phone…. etc.).
  • Clothing available – Please contact Brian Fitzpatrick (715-340-6262) or go to the website for apparel needs.

New Business: (Dennis)

  • Elections coming up in March. A nominating committee consisting of one board member (Dean Martin), and two club members, (Diane Fitzpatrick and Susan Bessert), were appointed.
  • This year we will need to find a candidate for Vice President since Jim Wisneski has decided not to run.
  • Next Membership Meeting: Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 7pm at Bailey’s Pour Haus.
  • Door Prize – Thanks to Russ that donated two $15 Pizza gift certificates – won by Robby Juran and Ed Reinheimer.
  • 50-50 Raffle – Lance Wiedenhoeft won $66.

Motion to Adjourn at 7:44pm was made by Mike Bessert, seconded by Bob Goble, all approved.

Thank you to Waubee Lake Lodge (Russ) for hosting the PBR Membership meeting!