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Meeting Minutes

October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for October 11, 2022 Membership Meeting @ 7:00PM
Meeting Place: Phil’s Philling Station
Call meeting to order: 7:04PM

Roll Call: Dennis, Amy, Diane, Bob G, Dean, Robby, Bob P, Jim J, Julie, Jim W and Toby were present. There were 27 members in attendance.

Previous Minutes:  March 8, 2022 Membership Meeting Minutes.  Motion to approve-Diane Fitzpatrick, seconded by Bernie Baye, all approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  September 2022 Financial Report (Julie)

Julie reviewed the September financial report recapping the large expense paid to Hogan Enterprises for Chickadee Rd. improvements (grant money will offset this expense) and large income items related to the Oconto County Supplemental Payment. Motion to approve-Jim Asher, seconded by Patty Martin, all approved.

Membership Secretary Report (Robby): Membership Renewals Update

We have 228 Renewals and 47 Business members for a total of 251 members already signed up this season. We had 39 New memberships in the 2022/2023 season.  Keep the applications coming in before the snowmobile season starts!

We had 41 GOLD memberships:

Brecka, Jason, Burandt-Raymond & Carol, Bushy-Mike & Karen, Dreher-Peter & Nancy, Eilrich, Sherry, Everson-Eric & Cheri, Farmer-Jim & Valerie, Fonder-Dave & Janet, Fonder-Steve & Linda, Garbo-Tony & Brenda, Granke-Gary & Leslee, Grill-Mike & Nancy, Grygiel-Tim & Elaine, Gundelach-Jeff & Kristie, Heindl-Leroy & Lisa, Juran-Jeff & Kristen, Kaminski, Bruce, Klapper-Wally

& Amy, Klim-Joe & Maria, Levash-Jerome & Tracy, Engelbert-Doug, Lienhardt-Tom & Theresa, Malek-Lawrence & Lynn, Miedona-Steve & Kim, O’Connor-Joe & Heather, Oleson-Eric & Lori, Samolinski-Jay & Cindy, Schmidt-Ken & Wendy, Schroeder- Tom & Mary, Streblow-Eric & Nicole, Streblow-John & Gale, Sublett-James & Diane, Wegener-Bob, Wenzel-Kurt & Wendy, Wenzel-Mark & Peggy, Wetzell-Bradley & Peggy, Wiedenhoeft-Lance & Kim, Wierman-Mark & Debbie, Williamson-Brad & Aurora, Wollin, Dan and Young, Troy.

Motion to approve-Bob Goble, seconded by Brian Fitzpatrick, all approved.

Administrative Secretary Report (Amy):

  • Poker Run Books are available at 40 local establishments (five new ones this year).
  • Snow Fun Day planning continues (Saturday, January 28, 2023) – the $10 raffle tickets are progressing nicely, looking for items for the raffle baskets (please contact Amy if you can donate anything), planning our volunteer needs, etc.
  • Membership Calendar of Events (called Event Calendar on the Website) was posted on the website with key dates.
  • $100 PBR Raffle tickets are available at several establishments-check our website for locations. Thanks to Jim Wisneski for coordinating this fundraiser.

Motion to approve-Julie Pommering, seconded by Bernie Baye, all approved.

Trail Report: (Bob P.)

The bridge on Thelen Rd is completed. The Trail 22, north of the roundabout at Locator 650, was moved toward Marshall’s property line, the Ski Hill Bar area trail was moved to run thru their parking lot due to their lot expansion, and Wheeler Lake trail access is still being discussed.  Bernie Baye continues to do mowing while others are out tree cutting and brushing. The focus this year while brushing will be clearing the brush not only around the signs, but also the brush that’s in the sight lines leading up to the signs. Thanks everyone for this pre-season help!

Epoxy work was completed on the Groomer building, thanks to Toby for coordinating this effort. Motion to approve-Julie Pommering, seconded by Toby Warden, all approved.

Old Business: (Dennis)

  • DOT signage is about 90% completed.
  • The 3rd revision of the new Oconto County maps was approved and should be printed soon.

New Business: (Dennis)

  • We welcomed Jim Juran to the PBR Board of Directors due to the resignation of Larry Mertz. Thanks to Larry for his past support to the PBR Club.
  • The Paul Bunyan Riders Snowmobile Club By-laws were updated to reflect that we will no longer have a membership meeting in September, and that the Annual Membership meeting will now take place in October of each year (rather than September). All attendees approved this change; Dennis Pommering and Amy Klapper signed the updated, approved By – laws.
  • Brian Fitzpatrick had clothing available – Please contact Brian Fitzpatrick (715-340-6262) or go to the website, and click on Clothing and Apparel to order Karen’s Unique Gifts.
  • Next Membership Meeting: Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 7PM, at O’Neil’s Halfway Bar.
  • Door Prize – Thanks to Phil and Heather for the donation of a box of booze and misc. items – won by Robby Juran.
  • 50-50 Raffle – Bob Goble won $66.
  • Thank you, Phil and Heather, for hosting the PBR Annual Membership meeting and providing the great food!

Motion to adjourn at 7:50pm was made by Diane Fitzpatrick seconded by Jim Juran, all approved.