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Meeting Minutes

September 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2021 Membership Meeting @ 7:00PM
Meeting Place: Phil’s Philling Station (Restaurant building, Refreshments in the bar)
Call meeting to order: 7:09PM

Roll Call: Dennis, Jim, Amy, Diane, Julie, Bob G, Dean, Tim, Bob P. Absent – Larry, Toby

Previous Minutes: August 17, 2021 Board Minutes. Motion to approve-Bernie, Seconded by Tim M, all approved.

Treasurer’s Report: August 2021 Financial Report (Julie)

Julie reviewed the previously attached August financial report mentioning the Extended Warranty as well as other expenses, and, a recap of the revenue. Motion to approve-Dean M, Seconded by Tim M, all approved.

Membership Secretary Report (Diane): Membership Renewals Update

183 Renewals, 13 New memberships, 15 Secondary memberships for a total of 211 members this season. We have been averaging 450 Members.

Comments were made that some were unable to use the website to submit the application, and use PayPal to pay their dues. A couple of reasons were discussed such as Internet providers may not consider our website secure if a cellphone is used to submit a payment. Perhaps using a tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or an iPad to submit payment would be better. Another reason why the application would not be submitted is if the application form is not completely filled out and you scroll down to hit “Submit” that would submit it for payment. Regardless, if you have any issues, send us an email at and we’ll respond right away with guidance.

Motion to approve-Julie, Seconded by Ed, all approved.

Administrative Secretary Report (Amy): 2021 Event Calendar & Poker Run Book Updates

Membership Event Calendar key dates were reviewed. Poker Run Books are available at all 35 establishments -buy your book now and start collecting your stamps.  We will update the Website and Facebook that the Poker Run Books are now available.

Motion to approve-Diane, Seconded by Jim, all approved.

Trail Report: (Bob P.): Trail update & future Brushing Dates.

Thanks to the 22-24 PBR Members that turned out on 9/11/21 to brush the trails, they are in great shape! We can’t do this without everyone’s help. Bob suggested we need a ‘change or add a sign day’ as we have new Yellow and Black turn arrow signs for the trails to replace the old Orange and Black signs. Once we determine the date, we’ll put a call out for volunteers to help.

Bob also suggested a ‘Paul Bunyan guy’ to place on the trails with a tracker would be a fun thing to try to find when riding on our trails. We’ll be on the lookout for the right Paul Bunyan.

Motion to approve-Julie, Seconded by Diane, all approved.

Membership Updates:

  • Last of the Groomer building improvements. (Bob & Toby): Bob P indicated he needed some grates for drainage and Phil Maynard stepped right up and said he had 20 or so and could help out here. Thanks Phil!
  • Update on the Kiosks/Map Boards at important intersections. (Tim Maurer): Jim and Tim will post them based on GPS locator and add another Map Board by Presbyterian Rd where Red Arrow and Paul Bunyan trails meet.
  • The numbering of the PB trail segments per Dan Guendert’s (Snow Alliance) request. (Dennis): Dennis explained the future numbering system and that updated maps will come out next year (to align with how highways are done-East/West are even, North/South are odd)
  • Five Year Loan Payments for the 2012 Tucker (Blue Ox): We have a balance of around $33,000 and we’ll look at making a large payment in the spring of 2022, after the snowmobile season ends so we have a better view of our finances.
  • PBR $100 Raffle Ticket (Number of Tickets to print and distribution). (Jim): The $100 Raffle Tickets are now available with a 70% payout. You can purchase them at many of the establishments that support PBR or contact us at
  • New Holland Tractor Two Year Extended Warranty. (Dennis): We extended the warranty for two more years.
  • Rolling Adds Renewal for Website (Dennis, Amy & Diane): Continue to work on updating the Website with new establishments, booster club supporters, etc.
  • Snow Fun Day $10 Raffle Ticket Donations (Dennis): There will be $1,500 payout, all funded by donations from various corporations.
  • Snow Fun Day Planning (All): We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate the January 29th event, as well as bring in new ideas. We want to hear from you on this annual fundraiser. Please let us know how you can help.
  • PBR Facebook Page Improvements/Changes (All): Continuing to push messages and updates via Facebook.

Make sure to add your posts if you need help for brushing days, working the Brat Frys, Meat Raffles, etc. We need to keep this active all year round.

  • Website Changes/Improvements (All): Continue to push messages and updates via the Website – always open to suggestions to make it better
  • DNR Mandated Trail Change near Phil’s (Dennis/Bob P.): Minor change in the trail behind Phil’s (by Sawyer Lake Rd) due to endangered/protected grass, and Phil and Bob have it re-directed.
  • Dedication signs – there was talk about where to place signs as they must be on private property.

50/50 Raffle was won by Bob G ($37) – Congrats Bob!  Phil and Heather donated several door prizes; Bernie Baye won a gift certificate, Jim Juran won a bottle of Jagermeister, and Amy Klapper won a bottle of Southern Comfort.

Thanks again to Phil and Heather for great food/snacks, door prizes and their hospitality! Meeting was adjourned at 8:09PM, Dean approved, Heather Seconded, all approved.